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Our investment strategy demonstrates its stability in both upward and downward phases of the stock markets. Regardless of market direction, we operate strategically, which significantly distinguishes us from the traditional buy-and-hold strategy.     



Using our trading approach, we identify precise reaction levels where we expect significant turnover or strong movements in the next few hours. At these points, we take strategic positions, always in the context of the overarching trend.



Scalping is characterized by a short holding period of just a few minutes. We use trading strategies based on the order book or footprint chart. Through this market analysis, we achieve a high success rate in short-term trading.           



"There are many coaches out there... and then there are Serge and Tom. Unfortunately, I too initially fell into the hands of the wrong ones and was very frustrated. However, through Serge and Tom, the tide has turned. They understand their craft and are not just interested in coaching fees. Naturally, this means hard work, time, and nerves, but if you really want to be consistently successful, they can show you the right way."
"I can only say good things about TTT so far and recommend them. I really like the approach, and I can do a lot with it. You gain an understanding of 'working through' various areas in the individual assets and can easily adapt the ideas and approaches for yourself. Those who are willing to work on their own also receive good support and ongoing input on implementations. From me, it's two thumbs up."
"I like to compare trading to driving a car. No one can do it from birth, but (almost) everyone can learn it. After two misguided investments in coaches, I was able to learn Volume and Market Profile from Tom and Serge over a weekend. Is that enough? No, of course not, because that's when the real training (and it truly deserves that name) begins. The repetitions, the countless signals (announced BEFOREHAND), and examples make the training the best I can imagine. And yes, it works, I see it anew every week. And no, there is no 100% hit rate, and anyone familiar with trading knows that it doesn't exist and isn't needed to become profitable. Thanks to Tom, Serge, and the team. You guys are really great."



We are now a six-member team of analysts and traders from various investment areas with different investment horizons. Our trading includes scalping, intraday, and long-term trading. Due to the individual skills and years of experience of each team member, we possess a broad knowledge that covers all essential areas of trading.

Our specialty is trading futures. Our recipe for success comes from combining various trading approaches, primarily based on Market Profile in conjunction with strategies from Volume Profile. This enables us to analyze different market situations, adapt accordingly, and make trading decisions with the highest possible expected value.

"To survive in the daily shark tank of the stock market, it takes knowledge, experience, and courage. We can offer you all of that. Want to learn more? Sign up for our newsletter."